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Little Languages and Tools
By Peter H. Salus (Editor)

Online Price: $49.99


List Price: $49.99
685 Pages
Published by Macmillan Technical Publishing
Date Published: 05/1998
Product#: 1578700108

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(HAS Moreinfo) Summary
The Handbook of Programming Languages is a multivolume reference series for the professional computing community. Written by the foremost pioneers in their fields, this series provides a complete reference on the fundamentals of programming languages and methodologies. Each volume gives a complete overview of a set of languages or paradigms. Readers who have experience with at least one high-level programming language or methodology will be able to use each volume to get up-to-speed quickly on the other languages or paradigms covered in the volume. Currently planned volumes in the series include I. Object-Oriented Programming Languages II. Imperative Programming Languages III. Little Languages and Tools IV. Functional and Logic Programming Languages The Handbook of Programming Languages, Volume II: Imperative Programming Languages covers four important imperative languages: Fortran, C, Turbo Pascal , and Icon. Fortran was the first of the major programming languages; Walt Brainerd describes his experiences in developing Fortran 77, Fortran 90, and Fortran 95. This volume also features an essay on the history and development of C, by its creator, Dennis Ritchie. Computing pioneer Ralph Griswold, the creator of Icon, contributes a chapter that describes both the philosophy behind and the use of the language. Ron Cytron contributes a unique essay on intermediate languages and Series Editor-in-Chief Peter H. Salus provides a foreword on the development of imperative programming languages. The material about the languages themselves will enable the reader to evaluate which is most suitable for the task at hand. ***BULLETS: {Walt Brainerd, on Fortran {Dennis Ritchie, creator of C {Steve Summitt on programming in C {Glenn Grotzinger, on Turbo Pascal { Ralph Griswold, creator of Icon

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